Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello there!

I know, I know. Its been a while. I could list a whole variety of reasons (slow craft season due to the heat, crazy at day-work, new computer) but the main reason is that I broke my camera while I was in NZ and haven't been able to replace it yet. And what is a craft-blog post without a picture? A little bit boring, that's what.

So, until I can scrounge up the funds for a new point and shoot, if you are missing me you can follow me over on Pinterest. Pinterest is a new online inspiration board type site, where users can "pin" pictures etc to their "boards". Its very addictive and hugely time consuming, so perfect for procrastinating. My favourite.

Some pretty famous bloggers are over there pinning up a storm, which is awesome because you can "re-pin" anything you like to your own boards.

Check it out if you are one of those people constantly saving images or ripping pages out of books.

Here is what one of my boards look like, to give you an idea.

Like I said, what is a craft post without a picture...

PS: Leave me a comment if you would like to be invited to Pinterest. It's invite only and I have 7 left. Otherwise it takes a few days, if you request an invite.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Crochet Cushion

For my Mother's birthday in April I had a go at making a crocheted cushion cover based on this pattern that I found on ravelry for dishcloths.

I used chunky machine washable 100% wool in a dark red and grey marl. The yarn was nice and soft to work with, not splitty, and the finished cushion is nice and snuggly thanks to the thick fabric that the chunky wool creates.

You can see here that the way the pattern is worked, you end up joining the seam across the middle of one side of the cushion.

But because I wasn't posting the cushion inner to New Zealand, I left it open and send some spare red yarn to Mum so she could sew it up herself.

All in all I think it was a success and a really easy pattern. I would like to try it in a finer yarn next time and maybe in single crochet instead of double, to see if it works in a thinner material etc.

Happy Birthday Mum!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday

This pic via Apartment Therapy made me smile today:

Looooooonnnngggggg week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing Mr and Mrs...

When I was back in the homeland earlier this year, I attended the beautiful wind-blown, west coast wedding of some very good friends H & M. Here is a pic of the lovely couple...

For their gift I made some personalized pillowcases with their new names...

The pattern and pillowcases are both from Sublime Stitching.

Here they are installed on the marital bed. Quilt hand made by H's Granny :)

I think they were quite well received. Fewf.

Friday, February 26, 2010


... reapproriating vintage jewellery:

a'la PS: I made this

This cute guy (lost link, I know I am really bad at keeping links - how do people do it??)

And these Wedding Bouquets from Fantasy Floral

Yet another excuse to shop.

Happy Snow Day, New York

Cute picture of the dogs enjoying the snow in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

15 inches today... fingers crossed its the last time till next winter!

Arty Party

I need some art to adorn my walls. Currently they are bare (!) although I have a few frames leaning on top of the Fireplace. Here are some pieces I have been crushing, although do not forsee affording any time soon.

Mark Mawson:

20x200 (website selling prints for as little as $20, pity I want the $2000 ones...):


Praia Piquinia


Winter Flags (East Village, New York)

Etsy - Depuis, Coney Island Carnival Summer Fun

One day, my friends. One. Day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crochet Inspiration

I had a bit of a craft burnout after Christmas so haven't really made anything since then. I want to get back into it and have found the below pictures inspiring, when it comes to crochet anyway:

Hand knotted (HAND!!!) Mega-Doilies by Ladies and Gentlemen.

This awesomeness from Pickles

Lampshade tutorial here.

Nordic Light Pendant tutorial here.

Rubber Doily Coasters from Gretel

Doily and embroidery art (lost the link, sorry!)

This crocheted necklace - I think from

Might go get my hook out...